Growth & Income Investments to Meet Your Long-Term Objectives

200630 - Market Call with David Brady
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Commitment to You

It's Your Money - Our commitment is to develop and execute an intelligent, socially responsible investment approach to help achieve your long-term investment goals. You rely on our 30-plus years of experience and we create a strategy that incorporates your unique investment objectives and constraints. Your portfolio will include high quality investments with the potential to build wealth and grow income stream over time. 

We track the long-term performance of your investments against a comparison benchmark index. You will be kept up-to-date on your account's progress. While impossible to outperform benchmarks at every point in a given market cycle, more often than not, you should expect to see your performance ahead of your benchmark.

You are encouraged to call with your comments, questions and concerns related to your account. After all, it's your money.


Portfolio Development and Management

You are a unique client with your own investment objectives and constraints. We are devoted to developing a sensible investment strategy to meet your needs. Having a good plan is a start. However, successful long-term investment results require that we diligently and with conviction execute the plan across the markets cycles. 

Client Communication

Becoming our client provides you with direct access to the decision maker who is managing your account. David P. Brady, CFA, CIC is responsible for investment research and selection. Mr. Brady is also your primary contact. Give us a call and see who picks up the phone.

Proven Record of Success

David P. Brady, CFA, CIC has over 30 years of industry experience. He has worked as an investment research analyst and managed a top-performing mutual fund. While at Brady Investment Counsel, Mr. Brady's investment performance continues to gain national recognition. 

Investment Success


"Brady Investment Counsel has been built on the belief successful investing is the product of a sound philosophy, thorough research and courage to act on and maintain conviction."

David P. Brady, CFA, CIC and Founder of Brady Investment Counsel LLC


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