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ETF Strategies - Equity and Balanced


Our ETF Strategy objective is to offer Brady clients our best investment thinking in a portfolio that is less volatile than our actively managed strategies. We offer equity and balanced ETF approaches. ETF portfolios are considered less risky because we invest in diversified ETFs as opposed to individual stocks, and bonds, which are more volatile than diversified funds.


Depending on whether you want an equity growth & income, or our balanced approach, we invest your ETF account in a mix of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) designed to meet your investment goals. ETF selection is derived from the same investment research we conduct to uncover the best risk-adjusted individual stock ideas. For example, if we find many attractive opportunities in the Health Care sector, we might add a Health Care ETF for your account.

Appropriate for

ETF is appropriate for clients with account balances that may fall below our account minimums, or for a client hoping to mitigate portfolio volatility.

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