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Strategy and Security Risk

Methods of Analysis

Brady Investment Counsel LLC is an active portfolio manager. We conduct 100% of the research that leads to individual security selection. We invest with a long-term horizon and aim to keep portfolio turnover low. We have equity and balanced investment strategies designed to grow your account assets over the long run. However, before retaining Brady Investment Counsel LLC as your investment advisor, it is incumbent upon you to understand and accept, all Brady Investment Counsel LLC investment strategies involve risk. Also, the stocks, bonds, and ETFs that make up your account involve risk. By risk, either at the strategy or security level, we mean the possibility of incurring a permanent loss of your invested capital.

Permanent Loss of Capital

There is no guarantee your account will grow or even maintain its value over time. Also, past performance is no guarantee of future success. Simply put, you can lose money while your account is under our management. We are available to discuss strategy and investment risks upon request. Please contact David P. Brady, CFA, President should you have questions. You can reach Dave at (630) 453-0016.

Appropriate for

Brady Investment Counsel LLC investment strategies are appropriate for individuals, religious organizations and foundations seeking to outperform the market through active portfolio management. Our clients must be risk tolerant, require an experienced investment manager with a long-term record of success, and has a long-term investment time horizon. Also, our typical client should value socially responsible investment selection and business management practices.

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