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Core Growth Investment Strategy


The Core Strategy seeks long-term growth of your invested capital. Income growth is a secondary objective. Our long-term objective is accomplished through investing your account in a portfolio of socially responsible, growing business.


The Core Portfolio Strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of growing companies. Each of your holdings is expected to have substantial per share sales and earnings growth potential. Also, each of your investments must fall within or below our estimated fair-value range as determined by our proprietary equity valuation model. You will typically hold between 20 and 30 investments in different companies. Your investments can be in businesses that are small-cap with high-growth potential but will favor those that are large-cap and well established. Your portfolio turnover will typically range between 20% and 40%. Tax efficiency for Core Growth clients is also a goal. 

Appropriate for

The Core Strategy is intended for individuals, religious organizations, and charitable foundations seeking to outperform the market through active portfolio management. The typical investor is risk tolerant, demands an experienced investment manager with a long-term record of success, and has a long-term investment time horizon.

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