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Focus Investment Strategy


The Focus Strategy is a concentrated, alternative investment approach. Our primary goal is a long-term capital appreciation for your account. Long-term income growth is a secondary objective.


The Focus Strategy is a subset of Core Growth. Your account is invested in our top 5 to 15 investment ideas with the most promising 12-to-18 month, risk-adjusted return potential. Here again, your investments can be in small-cap, growing companies but will favor large caps. The typical Focus position size ranges between 5% and 20%, so the performance of one investment can significantly impact the overall performance of your account. The Focus investment strategy is volatile! Your account can and likely will vary much more than the overall market. Portfolio turnover can be high. Sector diversification is not a part of the strategy. Neither is tax efficiency.

Appropriate for

Focus is a highly specialized, alternative investment approach. It is not intended to be a primary investment strategy like either Core Growth or Growth & Income. Focus is for highly risk-tolerant foundations and individuals seeking exposure to our top investment ideas.

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