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Growth & Income Investment Strategy


Our Growth & Income Strategy aims to grow your invested capital and increase your portfolio income over the long-term. Your account might have an income yield between the S&P 500 dividend yield and the 10-Year Treasury interest yield. The income from your stock investments should typically have a history of increasing faster than the overall market. 


Under Growth & Income, we invest your account in a diversified portfolio of growing companies. Growth & Income is built with the Core Growth portfolio as its foundation. On top of this, Growth & Income will have 10-15 additional investments in socially responsible, dividend-paying companies. Your investments can be in businesses that are small-cap with high-growth potential but will favor those that are large-cap, well established, and have a history of increasing dividends. We strive to be tax efficient by keeping turnover low. 

Appropriate for

Growth & Income is appropriate if you are willing to trade portfolio stability for long-term growth in capital and income. Many of our Balanced clients have shown an interest in Growth & Income. They believe the 30-plus year bond bull market is over and don't want their portfolios over-exposed to the bond market the might experience below average returns.

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